Nostradamus prophecies list

nostradamus prophecies list

Nostradamus completed a total of quatrains which he organized into Centuries - groups of quatrains (one Century only had 42 quatrains). A quatrain is  ‎ Century X · ‎ Century I · ‎ The New City · ‎ Interpretations. Information about Nostradamus Is it possible to see into the future? Many believe that a man named Michel de Nostradamus could. His predictions of the future. Following the U.S. presidential election, many began to talk of the Nostradamus predictions and their validity in the wake of Donald Trump's win. Routledge, New York, Heat death of the universe. With the large revolt, the taxation will be ended for the expected freedom. All other religions will also be destroyed, so that they alone will inherit the Earth for 2, years. The Axis alliance with Japan in the East. nostradamus prophecies list


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